Kaniv Natural Reserved (Kyiv region), 08-09th June, 2014.

08th June, 2014. Point 004. N49º43.647', E031º31.106'. 1♀. Biotope: hornbeam forest with addition of Acer platanoides. Habitat: on fruit body of tinder mushroom (Semple №20) which was on the dead trunk of Carpinus betulus (deadwood).

08th June, 2014. Point 005. N49º43.530', E031º31.109'. 2♂, 1♀. Biotope: hornbeam forest with addition of Acer platanoides. Habitat: rotten trunk of Carpinus betulus (fallen near the road).

08th June, 2014. Sample №22. N49º43.440', E031º31.443'. The piece of rotten trunk of Betula pendula​ was taken in cellophane package for output imago. Samples were the pieces of wood and bark which contained the larvae of sciarids. Biotope: hornbeam forest with addition of Acer platanoides. Habitat: rotten trunk of Betula pendula​. For further development of larvae, samples were placed into plastic containers and kept under natural condition on the balcony. After 7 days from container with sample of rotten wood and bark, was extracted 1♀ of sciarids gained ex larva. It was June 15, 2014.

09th June, 2014. Point 006. N49º43.565', E031º31.796'. A few ♂ and ♀ different species. Biotope: hornbeam forest with addition of Acer platanoides. Habitat: gnats was collected on the white colored walls of summer shower and toilet which was lighted with electric lamp. Night collections, near 1:30 AM.

09th June, 2014. Point 007. N49º43.495', E031º31.706', h 120 m. 1♂, 1♀. Biotope: hornbeam (Carpinus betulus) forest with Populus sp., Acer platanoides located on the slope with northern exposition. Habitat: soil overgrown with moss and ferns.

Ladyzyn reservoir (Vinnytsya region), 22-23th June, 2014.

22th June, 2014. Point 008. N48º42.486', E029º14.667'. 1♀. Biotope: litoral zone of Ladyzyn reservoir, bluff approximately 1-1,2 m high with brushwood of Robinia pseudoacacia and addition of Betula pendula and Salix sp. Habitat: hortobium.

​22th June, 2014. Point 009. N48º42.962', E029º14.181', h 202 m. 3♂, 1♀. Biotope: meadow which bordered with brushwood of Alnus sp., Acer sp., Robinia pseudoacacia, Acer negundo and Salix spp. along the shoreline of Ladyzyn reservoir. On the meadow the dominants are cereals (Poaceae), Apiaceae, Leonurus quinquelobatusHabitat: hortobium.

22th June, 2014. Point 010. N48º43.580', E029º11.941', h 215. 1♀. Biotope: oak forest with addition of Pinus sp. and Robinia pseudoacacia which grew along the curve of Ladyzyn reservoir. Habitat: hortobium.

Ternopil region, 24th June - 3rd July 2014.

28th June 2014. Point 012. N49º24.267', E025º36.466'. 2♂. Biotope: wet brushwood with Acer negundoUlmus, Alnus sp, Salix spp., Humulus lupulus (in mass), Urtica dioticaAegopodium podagraria​ along the right-bank shoreline of Seret River (approximately 20 m to water) allocated between the environs of town Mykulyntsi and village Luchka. Habitat: one of gnats was catching by use the exhauster from hortobium located at the left less lighted side of the trail which crossed the brushwood. Another one was collected from dendrobium located to the right from the trail and had solar exposition.

29thJune 2014. Point 013. N49º23.524', E025º33.126', h 310 m. A few imago. Biotope: meadow without woody and shrubby plants, bank of pond near village Ladychyn. Habitat: collected in the car by use of exhauster, in the morning, after night's lodging it in the biotope.

1st July 2014. Point 014. N49º34.033', E025º38.636', h 393 m. 1♀. Biotope: flat in the block of flats, located in Ternopil City, on 10 Symonenka St., № 20, on the 6th floor. Habitat: pots with houseplants.

Transcarpatian region, 22nd - 26th September 2014.

22th September 2014. Point 034, Sample №26. N48º28.031', E022º23.437', h 101 m, precision 6 m. 7th October 2014 was found 1♂ (mounted as №22). Location: the bayou of Latorytsia river. Biotope: swampy shore. Habitat: fruitbodies of mushrooms on the rotten trunk of Salix sp. Sample was collected in the cellophane package for output imago. For further development of larvae, samples were placed into plastic containers and kept under natural condition on the balcony. After 3 days in cellophane package and 13 days in container, from the sample was extracted dead imago of sciarid gained ex larva. It was October 7, 2014.

23th September 2014. Point 034. N48º41.649', E022º25.816', h 137 m, precision 16 m, exposition 316º. 2♂ (mounted as №19 and 20). Location: environs of village Kamjanytsia, recreation complex "Skalka", near the sign of geological monument of nature "Vorohivs'ki skeli", not far from right bank of Uzh river. Biotope: stone outcrops. Habitat: the moss overgrowth on the stone outcrops and fallen rotten trunks of Cerasus avium were covered with moss. Association of Aspleniatea class.

24th September 2014. Point 035. N48º28.268', E022º14.483', h 103 m. 1♂ (mounted as №17), 1♀ (mounted as №18). Location: cottage array near electricity train station "Dachna" of the "Uzhorod - Chop" way and the forest tract "Filshe-Erdo". Biotope: piece of unplowed meadow transformed on the field road which is located neighbor upon the dry meliorative canal on the one hand and the plowed field on the other hand. Dominant plants: cereals, Achillea millefolium, Plantago minor, Gallium sp. with add adventive synanthropes (Cirsium sp.). In the canal dominant plants are Salix sp., Rosa sp., Populus alba, Malus sylvestris. There is impending of M. sylvestris and Rosa sp. on meadow area and xerophytization of ecotope. Habitat: hortobium.

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